How To Make My Wife Love Me Again

When you want to make your wife love you again. It is all about finding back your wife's lost love feeling........ What should you do?

- Time & Space
Both of you are feeling very confused and emotional right now. Give your wife and yourself a good break to calm down the emotions. Nothing is going to change if you try bugging her to come back. Rather than pestering her and make her more vexed, allow her to rest and cool down.

- Analyze the problems in the marriage
List down the possibilities that she wants to break off with you. Give a solution to every of the possibilities identified. Understanding the problems can also give you a clearer idea of what she wants from you.

- Be ready to change yourself
The reasons that your wife stopped loving you must be because of certain things that she does not likes about you. For example, she may not like you to smoke, gamble or your bad temper, etc.

- Control your emotions
Showing out your emotions will only make her thinks that you are needy. Instead of being depressed of what had happened to your marriage, you should get strong and learn to be positive. Being positive can help to bring back your confidence.

- Start your relationship with her all over again
If you think you understand her well enough, then you are wrong. You would have been able to keep your marriage if you really understand what she wants. Go back to those days that you start wooing her and start all over again.

There are many great ways to make your wife love you again and you have to make sure you understand the ways and follow it correctly.

How To Make My Wife Love Me Again

Surviving An Affair - Can My Wife Love Me Again?

Your affair was exposed and you are now struggling in a marriage with doubts wondering, "can my wife love me again?" Your wife told you she lost trust and love in this marriage.

Surviving through an affair is definitely not an easy process, but there is way to repair this marriage if you want to. Apparently, your wife still love you, it is just that you have hurt her because of this affair. So right now, you have to mend this broken heart to make her love you again.

Think back to those days both of you just got together. Ask yourself how different were you as compared to now. Were you anxiously to share with her about anything? Over time, did you take this marriage for granted?

Having an affair is not right and there is no argument to defend on this. Admit to the affair that you were really wrong. When you ask for your wife's forgiveness, she needs to believe that you sincerely mean it and you have to be willingly to do whatever it takes to win her trust again.

There is NO way for you to continue the affair and reconstruct your marriage at the same time. If you want to make your wife love you quickly, the first thing that you have to do is to stop your affair immediately. No phone calls, no emails, no dinners and basically both of you just cannot meet or talk anymore.

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Signs Your Wife Is About To Leave You

When a marriage is on the rocky side, many couples failed to address or acknowledge problems. If you are becoming increasing worried that your wife might leave you anytime, it is best that you pay more attention to what is going on the marriage before she leaves you. There will be signs your wife is about to leave you and if you see any of these in her, better do something to avoid facing separation or divorce.

- She spends more time away from home. She has been telling you that she needs to work overtime and seems to be more committed to her job lately.

- She socializes more than usual with her friends and colleagues.

- She no longer likes to get intimate with you. Most woman need to feel emotionally close to a man in order to enjoy intimacy with him. Probably each time you try to initiate sex with her, she will come out with excuses like "she is tired." Sexless marriages are often the obvious signs that marriage is having problems.

- Arguing alot or no communication at all. If your wife is unhappy with you, she is either showing lots of frustration on you or not in the mood of sharing things with you. You can tell that her attitude towards you change alot. This is also one of the obvious signs your wife is leaving you. Some women will actually try this to push away the husband so that you can leave by on your own.

- Behaving secretly or telling lies. If you seen your wife behaving very secretly over the phone or have told you lies, it could be a hint that she maybe seeing someone.

These are the more obvious signs your wife is about to leave you, continuing not to do anything about it will lead both of you to split one day. If you love your wife and seriously want to keep this marriage, you have to do something and save your marriage immediately.

Mistakes To Drive Your Wife Further Away.....

When you know your wife is leaving this marriage, you start to panic. You show desperation not wanting her to leave you without realizing your behaviour could just drive her further away.

What Are The Top Common Mistakes When Husband Try Convince Wife Not To Leave?

- No swearing or promises again!
Why swearings and promises this time won't work? She have already heard this countless times. Everything you promised her the same thing but you failed to deliver it. She is not going to believe you again because she had already lost trust in you.

- Stop saying "I Love You."
No matter how hard you tried to profess your love for her, it is not going to work this time. Instead of finding you sweet, she will only think that you say that because you want her to stay.

- Stop calling and text messaging her non-stop
If she truly wants a break, that will mean she really need some space and time to cool down. If you continue to pester her non-stop, it will only agitate her more.

- Never push away the blames
If she tells you the problems in the marriage, never try to argue with her or push the fault to another party. When things goes wrong in marriage, both are responsible for it.

Certain mistakes can kill a marriage and even if you can win your wife using such methods now, it is not going to solve the problems forever, the only way to make your wife love you deeply is to find out the real problems and solve it! There are many important tips on how to save your marriage, just make sure you follow it correctly.